29th March 2009

only one job left

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An mexican man goes to the job centre looking for a job… ” We’ve only one job. It’s at Billy Smarts Circus as a lion tamer”¬† woman said at the job centre.

“I can’t do that” says Paddy “It’s easy, just go down there and Billy will take you through it” woman replied…

So , the next day Paddy goes down to the circus, go in the cage and Billy will takes Paddy through step-by-step. Three enourmous lions come towards Paddy… “Crack the whip” Billy says “Crack the whip” So Paddy cracks it and they continue approaching. “Hurray ..what do I do” “Crack it twice, That always works” So he cracks it twice. Lions continue coming… Paddy instructs ” Go in the corner and pick up th sh*t” “Where, There is none” paddy replies “There will be” Replied Billy

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